The Terrell Ghost Walk

Be part of an interactive, immersive ghost tour in one of the most haunted areas in Texas.  

Small, intimate groups of 6 or fewer, allowing for a personal, intimate tour experience.  

Hear stories and see our evidence of the many supernatural experiences at each location.  

Guided by experienced investigators, using professional paranormal equipment, with their own experiences at each location.    

     You are not just a guest on the Terrell Ghost Walk, you are an active participant as our experienced paranormal team help you reconnect with those on the other side.

Visit haunted hotspots in the Terrell's haunted, historic, small business district and see the city of Terrell uniqueness most don't know exist.


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See one of our guests working dowsing rods at the First National Bank below

 Tours offered on Friday and Saturday nights.  Private tours available upon request with some notice.  For groups larger than 6 people, let us know so we can create a unique tour experience for you.

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